Thursday, June 4th @ 4PM

COPY & PASTE LINK IN YOUR BROWSER OR CLICK BELOW TO JOIN: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/76568284237?pwd=ZkRhTExzTjlXODFjWWsyNXUyVFBTZz09

Meeting ID: 765 6828 4237

Password: 1jL7H4



  • PTO Elections: Elections for PTO Board positions
  • NOTE: Open positions not elected at meeting will remain open for consideration until filled
  • School Construction: Status of school construction addressed by Ms Malpass 


Click here to see details of the open PTO positions!






Our website is under way for another year so please check back often. We are working hard to add information that will help our parents stay connected with our PTO and school community.


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  • You are a role model for your kids.  By becoming a member, your action show your child the importance you place on education.

  • You have the opportunity to speak up.  Your membership gives you a vote at meetings and a say in important decisions.  Decisions that make a positive difference for our children.

  • You get connected and can stay updated on events and happening at Gisler.
  • You have the opportunity meet and work with other parents and families who want to support a strong educational environment and create fun and memorable experiences for our kids. 


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